Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pikake Ribbon Lei

I love, love, love the Pikake Ribbon Lei.  It looks so realistic and absolutely stunning.  Although, how much I really love this lei, it is very time consuming. It took me about an average 2-3 nights to complete just 1 lei. 

First, you will need the following MATERIALS:
  • Picot Satin Ribbon 3/16" width (white or vanilla color)  about 18-20 yards
  • Satin Ribbon 1/8" width (green and pinkish color)  about 12 yards each
  • Yard Stick
  • Pen
  • Needle
  • Thread (about 2-4 yards)
  • Clothes Pin

Left = (white) Picot Satin Ribbon 3/16" or 5mm width
Right = (green) Satin Ribbon 1/8" or 3mm width

  1. Prep needle and thread on clothes pin.  I know it sounds weird, but trust me, the clothes pin has a purpose. LOL  Instructions on how to thread needle can be found on my previous post Pansy Ribbon Lei 
  2. Next, prep all ribbons.  This is the not so fun part.  Measure, cut and mark.
    • White = (9) 2yds pieces.  Mark every 1"
    • Green = (18) 12inch pieces.  Mark every 1"
    • Pink = (9) 45inch pieces.  Mark every 1"

  1. Using your clothes pin thread needle, start with the white ribbon.  Sew upwards, towards you, using your marks as a guide.
  2. I call my sewing technique, the 'up, pull and around then repeat' technique. I'm not sure if it's easy to understand, but hopefully these pictures can clear it up.
  3. "up" -- sew towards you
    "pull" -- tighten the ribbon into a star shape
    "around" -- position the needle behind the ribbon; to begin "up"
  4.  When you run out of thread, unclasp some thread  from the clothes pin and push the ribbon towards the clothes pin.  Make sure the clothes pin is free floating off the floor, before pushing the ribbon.  Letting the clothes pin spin freely, will allow the ribbon to turn naturally, which gives it the 'star' look.

  1. As soon as you completed the first 2 yards of white ribbon. Start on the green, then pink, then green again, before starting back on white.
  2. White, Green, Pink, Green, White...

  1. Continue until you complete all sets of ribbon.  If you feel that your lei is too short, you may continue to do another set.
  2. Tie the thread together, double knot.  As tight and close as you can.
  3. Wow...finally its finished!!!

  1. For this tutorial and picture taking purposes, I used black thread.  I highly recommend using white or vanilla colored thread when assembling the Pikake Lei.
  2. For a more thicker/fuller looking lei, use a slightly thicker ribbon.  Or you can even increase each 1" marks by 1.5".  As shown in the picture below.  However, the measurements in yards of ribbon, will have to increase too.

1.5" Pikake


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  3. I'm excited to try and make this lei.
    My problem is the clothes pin thread needle.